Monday, April 12, 2010

Decorating Ideas for SonRock Kids Camp

Create an outdoor camp feeling by setting up tents, rocks, and rivers. Ask church members to search their attics for artificial Christmas trees. Also ask them to loan large potted plants. Borrow camping equipment to use for your decorations. Hang some of the equipment (such as ropes and canteens) from your walls, and use the rest to create camp sites around your VBS areas. Set up a hammock or two and fill them with stuffed toy animals.

Use blue sheets to make a river. Line the sheets with rocks and/or logs. Put a couple of inner tubes in the river or nearby. A few large plants or trees (or ferns) with some small toy animals and Insect Finger Puppets peeking out from them will add to the camp feeling. A toy snake could peer out from behind a large rock. Tape the Wall Cut-Outs to a wall near your river.

For a wet play area, fill a large tub with water and let some fish squirts float in it. Have small nets with handles or strainers nearby so the children can catch the fish. Paint backdrops of trees and bushes onto large boxes and place them around your VBS site. Use log benches for some of your seating areas. 

Hang the SonRock Coloring Mural at the children's eye level in one of your hallways. Encourage the kids to color it during their free time. Let the children add Animal Characters Stickers to the mural each day of your VBS program.

Need more decorating ideas? Take a look at the Super Decorating and Resource Pack for a Clip Art and Publicity CD, Daily Truth Pennants, posters, and balloons. Also try out the fun decorating options on the Camp D├ęcor and More CD-ROM.

Now you're ready to lead your kids on the camping experience of a lifetime as they learn to follow Jesus!

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