Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warehouse Sale This Week!

Visit for 99¢ specials on last year's VBS materials plus curriculum, music, and books. You can save up to 80% on worship bulletins, music CDs, resource books, and lots more! These items are going fast, and many are limited in quantity.

Sale items are offered on a first-come, first served basis. So hurry on in to our warehouse and get some great deals. This is an awesome way to stock your resource room before the new year at incredible prices.

Please note: These items are offered on a final sale basis, no returns, credit card only. Expedited and Priority shipping are not available.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing Wonders Space Flight VBS 2012

New from Lifeway for 2012, Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS will take children and leaders on a tour of the wonders of God's creation. As they explore God's awesome power, you'll see lives changed. This exciting VBS program is:

  • Shares the message of God's love with all ages
  • Provides witnessing resources to help kids share their faith with others
  • Teaches the ABCs of Becoming a Christian to grade-school kids
  • Serve based on your gifts and interests
  • Scheduling option to meet your church's needs
  • Easy-to-implement lesson plans
  • Ready-to-use decorations and crafts
  • Sound, relevant Bible teaching
  • Classes & age-appropriate activities for all stages of life
  • Encourages real-life application; you'll see results
  • Creates a themed learning environment
  • Provides energetic site rotations
  • Reinforces biblical content with hands-on activities
  • Scripture-based music and videos

The Sampler (Starter) Kit includes one Leader and Learner Guide for each age group from babies through preteens. Plus, it's packed with planning resources, promotional helps, music, and more to help you successfully plan your VBS.
The Super Sampler (Starter) Kit includes one Leader and Learner Guide for each age group from babies through preteens. Plus, Worship Rally resources, the Music Book, a Preschool Rotation Pack, accessories, craft pack samples, decorations, and more to help make planning VBS easy and fun. It's everything that comes in the Sampler and much more. An amazing value!

Amazing Wonders VBS is available from Lifeway. Visit Shop VBS to see all the VBS programs we offer, view details, and order your Starter Kits.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Space Quest VBS from Lifeway

Space Quest™ VBS is a great way to give kids an out-of-this-world adventure with Jesus. The Starter Kit is jam-packed with all the samples you need to assess the needs of your church and plan a Vacation Bible School of your own. Simply order curriculum and other supplies for each class separately. Club VBS is designed for a two-hour schedule for five days or one-hour schedule for ten days and includes Bible study, crafts, and recreation/snack rotations.

Club VBS: SpaceQuest™ can be used with any Bible translation and is ideal for traditional week-long Vacation Bible School, spring or fall break events, day camps, mission trips, and any mid-week programs. As kids orbit to new heights, they will explore the mission Jesus has for them in John 14:6.

The Starter Kit contains one Leader and Learner Guide for ages babies through grade six. Order other curriculum and supplies for each class separately.

Space Quest™ is available through Lifeway. Visit Shop VBS to view the VBS programs we offer, with lots of details details, and order your starter kits.

Company: Lifeway 

ID #: WW7190105 or ISBN L10339457X


Club VBS: SpaceQuest™
Kids will have a galaxy full of fun as they learn all about Jesus’ mission for them in John 14:6. Club VBS®: SpaceQuest™ is sure to be a hit wherever you use it—whether it’s Vacation Bible School, Spring Break, Fall Break, or a midweek gathering.
Jesus: The Way, the Truth, the Life!
Scripture Verse
I am the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6
Club VBS offers:
  • Two-hour schedule for five days, or one-hour schedule for ten days

  • Bible study, crafts, and recreation/snacks rotations
  • Materials usable with any Bible translation
  • Missions stories available on the Web site as a free download
  • Adult SpaceQuest Bible study available on the Web site as a free download

  • Club VBS is ideal for:
    • Traditional week-long summer Vacation Bible School

  • Spring or fall break events
  • Day camps
  • Mission trips
  • Midweek programs

  • Rotations:
    During the two-hour daily SpaceQuest™ plan, kids will attend Worship Rally and travel to three rotation sites:
    • Bible Study

  • Crafts
  • Recreation and Snacks

  • Rotation site names:
    • Bible Study Site
    • Snacks Space Station
    • Recreation Space Station
    • Crafts Space Station

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    Answers in Genesis: IncrediWorld VBS

    IncrediWorld Amazement Park VBS

    The mouth-watering smell of cotton candy. The electrifying sound of thrill rides. The mesmerizing sight of animal shows. Adventure at every turn!

    It’s excitement galore as we head to Answers in Genesis’s IncrediWorld Amazement Park. So strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life!

    Monday is Creation Day. They go “back to the beginning” and learn all about how God created our incredible world in six actual days. They realize that God crafted this world for His glory and to provide a place for us to live and enjoy. And you know how our kids hear time and again that over millions of years, one kind of animal has changed into another kind? At IncrediWorld, they find out that God created all plants and animals “after their kind” and that those molecules-to-man evolutionary stories are simply not true! They hear that they can trust the Bible when it says, “In the beginning, God created...”!

    On Day 2, kids learn the importance of using the Bible to help us understand the world around us. They'll find out what a "worldview" is and how we need to always, always use the Bible to help us learn what is true. They'll learn to put on their "Bible glasses" so they can know right from wrong!

    Day 3 at IncrediWorld is Gospel Day. Your kids will take a thrill ride through the Bible as the begin with the bad news of Genesis 3 (we're all sinners in need of a Savior) and end with the good news of the New Testament-that Jesus came to die on the cross in our place and make a way for us to spend eternity in heaven with the Creator! They'll be challenged to think about how their "ride" will end and will learn how they can receive the gift of eternal life so that they can go to heaven!

    Day 4 is Design Day. They'll explore God's incredible world of wonders and learn how He amazingly designed the animals. As they look for the evidence of God's handiwork, they'll be encouraged to praise the Creator for His wonderful works. They'll learn that "it couldn't just happen-God made them that way!"

    For many, Day 5 will be the most exciting day of all! It's Dinosaur Day! Dinosaurs are some of God's most amazing and BIG creatures! And kids love 'em! They'll learn all about how God created dinosaurs in the beginning and why they're not around any more. Any mystery surrounding those monstrous beasts will be cleared up in a snap! The Bible gives us the truth about dinosaurs!

    IncrediWorld Amazement Park VBS Super Starter Kit 

    Price: $159.99