Monday, November 7, 2011

Space Quest VBS from Lifeway

Space Quest™ VBS is a great way to give kids an out-of-this-world adventure with Jesus. The Starter Kit is jam-packed with all the samples you need to assess the needs of your church and plan a Vacation Bible School of your own. Simply order curriculum and other supplies for each class separately. Club VBS is designed for a two-hour schedule for five days or one-hour schedule for ten days and includes Bible study, crafts, and recreation/snack rotations.

Club VBS: SpaceQuest™ can be used with any Bible translation and is ideal for traditional week-long Vacation Bible School, spring or fall break events, day camps, mission trips, and any mid-week programs. As kids orbit to new heights, they will explore the mission Jesus has for them in John 14:6.

The Starter Kit contains one Leader and Learner Guide for ages babies through grade six. Order other curriculum and supplies for each class separately.

Space Quest™ is available through Lifeway. Visit Shop VBS to view the VBS programs we offer, with lots of details details, and order your starter kits.

Company: Lifeway 

ID #: WW7190105 or ISBN L10339457X


Club VBS: SpaceQuest™
Kids will have a galaxy full of fun as they learn all about Jesus’ mission for them in John 14:6. Club VBS®: SpaceQuest™ is sure to be a hit wherever you use it—whether it’s Vacation Bible School, Spring Break, Fall Break, or a midweek gathering.
Jesus: The Way, the Truth, the Life!
Scripture Verse
I am the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6
Club VBS offers:
  • Two-hour schedule for five days, or one-hour schedule for ten days

  • Bible study, crafts, and recreation/snacks rotations
  • Materials usable with any Bible translation
  • Missions stories available on the Web site as a free download
  • Adult SpaceQuest Bible study available on the Web site as a free download

  • Club VBS is ideal for:
    • Traditional week-long summer Vacation Bible School

  • Spring or fall break events
  • Day camps
  • Mission trips
  • Midweek programs

  • Rotations:
    During the two-hour daily SpaceQuest™ plan, kids will attend Worship Rally and travel to three rotation sites:
    • Bible Study

  • Crafts
  • Recreation and Snacks

  • Rotation site names:
    • Bible Study Site
    • Snacks Space Station
    • Recreation Space Station
    • Crafts Space Station

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