Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Answers in Genesis: Gold Rush VBS

New for 2011, Gold Rush VBS: Discovering the Rock of Ages from Answers in Genesis uses Bible verses from the New King James Version. Gold Rush VBS helps kids  learn the answer to the most important question Jesus asks: “Who do you say that I am?”

Howdy, Partner!

Grab your bandana, dust off your boots, and get ready to mine for true gold. We’re headed to the Old West in Gold Rush: Discovering the Rock of Ages.

Our children must decide among many “gods” every day. In media, in school, and in books, they’re taught that all roads lead to heaven. They’re told to “believe what you want and it will be true for you.” These dangerous lies are drawing our kids away from the truth—that Jesus, the Rock of Ages, is the way, the truth, and the life! Salvation is found in Jesus alone!

With Gold Rush VBS, kids will be saturated with the truth as they discover the biblical responses to questions such as:
  • Is Jesus the only way to heaven? This lesson expands on Jesus' claim, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Older children will be taught to refute the idea that all roads lead to heaven, and various other religions are discussed briefly in relation to Jesus' exclusive claim.
  • Who did Jesus say He is? This topic teaches kids some of Jesus' amazing claims and that He is superior to all others (all other people/religious leaders, etc.) -- He never sinned, He is God, He forgives sins, He is the Creator.

  • What was unique about Jesus’s birth, life, death, and resurrection? These lessons focus on teaching kids the prophecies Jesus fulfilled with his birth, life, and death. They showcase that He is the Messiah promised hundreds of years before He came. The lessons also sample some of His amazing teachings in contrast to what the world teaches: love your enemies, serve God/not money, children are precious, look out for others (not yourself). Children will discuss His radical power that demonstrated He is God: He has power over sickness/disease, power over nature, power to forgive sins, power over death.
  • What is salvation, and how can I be saved? Gold Rush begins with the Genesis account of Adam's fall into sin, explains what sin is (disobedience to God's commands), that we're all sinners, and all need salvation from sin's punishment -- eternal separation from God in hell. The lessons share God's provisions of salvation through Jesus and teaches kids to answer such questions as: did Jesus really die on the cross, or did He just faint? Did the disciples steal Jesus' body from the tomb? Did anyone see Jesus after He rose from the dead? He is the only one who has ever died and now lives!
  • How can I share the good news of Jesus’ life changing power? This lesson focuses on providing examples of those whose lives have been radically changed by Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit—specific examples include the disciples (former cowards, they become bold preachers of the gospel to the point that they're willing to sacrifice their lives for Christ); George Mueller; Gladys Aylward. Kids are challenged to share the life-changing power of Jesus with others.
Filled with the rich content you’ve come to love from Answers in Genesis, Gold Rush VBS  provides lots of fun and games—still your kids will beg for more! From daily games to snacks to crafts to Bible time, all parts of this VBS work together to teach your children about Jesus, the one and only Rock of Ages!

Each day, children will see more of the truth about who Jesus is—our Creator and Redeemer. They’ll hear the Gospel and will be challenged to follow Jesus. Gather your gear and join us for unforgettable discoveries!

Gold Rush VBS Super Starter Kit: $189.99
Gold Rush VBS Starter Kit: $99.99
Gold Rush KJV Supplement: $19.99
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Super Starter Kits are available with your choice of contemporary or traditional music recordings.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 VBS Timeline: 5-6 Months Before Your VBS

Welcome to the new year! It's not too early to begin planning for your 2011 Vacation Bible School program. After all, summer will come sooner than we think.

Here are some things to begin doing now in preparation for your 2011 VBS. First, start praying. You may want to organize a prayer team to start praying for potential leaders and workers for your VBS. Then set a budget. Take a look at all the VBS options available and start deciding which ones look best for your church and community. Start choosing VBS Starter Kits to preview. Visit Shop VBS to select several kits to preview for 30 days, risk free. Starter Kits have already started shipping and will continue to ship in January.

Click on the VBS Planning Timeline below to see the larger and expanded view. Print a copy for each of your VBS team members.

When you order your VBS Starter Kit from Shop VBS, you 'll receive FREE Classroom Decorations plus a FREE book download, "Learning About God" for Grades 1-2. You'll also receive up to $150 of coupons when you order by April 30, 2011. Visit Shop VBS to listen to music and video clips, see the daily Bible lessons and Bible points, and download a VBS Comparison Chart we've put together to help you decide which program(s) you'd like to review.

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Coupons Expire 4-30-11.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VBS Registration Ideas

One of the most-asked questions for Vacation Bible school planning is, "How will I know how many kids to expect for VBS?" You can help solve this problem by registering kids early and offering a free gift when they sign up. A bookmark, pencil, T-shirt, discount, or CD of the VBS music encourages parents to register early. Plus, giving an incentive builds excitement for your theme. As other families see the incentives you're giving, they also become eager to turn in their own registrations.

Of course, you'll want to order plenty of supplies for those kids who register at the last minute and for visitors who show up on the first day of VBS. Here's a registration form you can copy and use with your own VBS program. Cut the cards apart and give them to parents when they register their children.

The card contains a place to record emergency information and has a section to list allergies and other medical conditions your students may have. For any child with allergies, create a special, brightly colored name badge with the allergies listed so all leaders and helpers are aware of the allergies and don’t inadvertently give the child something that might cause an allergic reaction.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

If you're still trying to decide which VBS to choose for 2011, visit Shop VBS for free samples, music and video clips, and Scripture listings. You'll also find money-saving coupons and special offers. Having your theme picked out and your director's manual in hand will help you with recruiting volunteers and planning.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SonSurf VBS Craft: Egg Carton Jellyfish

The theme for Day 2 of SonSurf VBS is "Look up to Jesus." The Bible memory verse for this day is Psalm 56:3 — "When I am afraid, I will trust in you" (NIV), and the Big Answer is "I can look up to Jesus and ask His help because He is trustworthy." Let your students make an egg carton jellyfish to help them remember to trust Jesus.

Collect an egg carton for every 12 children. Cut the carton cups apart so each child can have one cup. Also bring thick yarn, scissors, glue, wiggle eyes, markers, construction paper, tape, and string. If you use a cardboard egg carton, let the children paint the cups. If you use foam egg carton cups, the colored ones look best. If you use white, you can tell the children they are making moon jellies.

Help each child trim the egg cup to even out the edges. Let him glue two wiggle eyes on the cup (after painting it). Cut eight pieces of thick yarn into 6- to 8-inch lengths for the tentacles. If you use thin yarn, have the children braid three strands of yarn together for each tentacle. In that case, cut 24 pieces.

Spread a generous amount of glue inside the egg carton cup. Stick one end of each yarn piece into the  glue. Let dry. Glue a piece of yarn or string to the top of the jellyfish for hanging. Give each child a slip of paper on which to print the memory verse, Psalm 56:3. As the children work, talk about trusting Jesus. Tape the memory verse to the yarn or string hanger, just above the jellyfish. Have the children say the verse together.

Say, "God did not create you to be like the jellyfish—with no backbone. God promises to help you overcome your fears when you trust in Jesus. God will give you strength and courage when you ask Him and then trust Him." Review the Day 2 Bible story of Jesus healing the official's son (from John 4:45-54), if you have time.

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