Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SonQuest Rainforest Decorating Ideas

Dye old bed sheets shades of green. Ask your church members…they may have old sheets with rips or stains they no longer use. Staple or pin the washed and dyed sheets to the ceiling for a rainforest canopy effect. Tape some of the sheets to your walls (about waist high) to resemble tall grass.

Twist green and black or brown streamers to look like vines. Drape them around the room. Tuck plush rainforest animals among the vines. Scatter a few green or brown shag area rugs around the room. Use Rainforest Mural Posters to decorate your hallways and classroom walls.

Mosquito netting can hang from a wall or corner of the room with a few plush animals tucked in it. Bring in a hammock or two for children (or volunteers) to relax in during their free time.

Hang the Rainforest Coloring Mural at the children's eye level in one of your hallways. Encourage the kids to color it during their free time. Let the children add Rainforest Wall Clings to your windows and walls and rearrange them each day of your VBS program.

Need more decorating ideas? Take a look at Rainforest bulletin board sets and other classroom decorations. Also read through the three levels of decorating options on the Rainforest Decor and More CD.

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hi, does anyone have a SonQuest Rainforest directors kit? i am in need of the cd rom from the kit with all the printable newsletters....can anyone help?


slee said...

Here are a couple of snake ideas...

Stuff old pantyhose then spray them shades of green. Hot glue on a tongue/eyes

Put a tree branch in a pail or slowerpot of sand. Coil green pipe cleaners around pencils; glue on red felt tongues & felt eyes then hang from the branches.