Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rainforest VBS Craft: Flowerpot Plants

Let your students make flowerpot plants for your Rainforest VBS program this summer. The Bible story the first day is the story of the sower. Give your kids a chance to be sowers during your craft time.

Collect a small flower pot for each child. Also provide potting soil, a craft stick and a few small stones for each child, permanent markers, stickers, construction paper, glue, tape, paint, paintbrushes, paint shirts, water, paper towels, wet wipes, grass seeds (or bean or flower seeds), and plastic spoons or small scoops.

Cover the work area with newspapers or do this craft outside. Have each child put on a paint shirt. Old VBS T-shirts or small, short-sleeved adult shirts work well for paint shirts.

Before your first day of VBS, print the Bible memory verse (Psalm 119:11) onto stickers or labels. Make two for each child.

Have each child print his name on the bottom of his flowerpot and then paint it. Encourage the children to be creative, painting swirls, stripes, dots, flowers, or whatever they choose on their pots. Let each child put a few small stones in the bottom of his pot and then just cover the stones with potting soil. Have him sprinkle some seeds on top and fill the pot with soil. Let him water the soil. (Eyedroppers work well for preschoolers so the plants aren't over watered.)

Give each child a craft stick and let him decorate it as a "garden marker." Let him decorate it with markers and stickers. Have him add the two Bible verse stickers to the top of the craft stick (placing the stickers back to back) to complete the marker.

As the children work, talk about ways they can "sow God's Word" or tell others about Jesus this week.  Say the memory verse together a few times.


lily said...

Hi, I love this Flowerpot craft for VBS Rainforest. I'm wondering if you can share any other craft ideas for VBS Rainforest. Thank you!!

Carol said...

Check out the "You Rock Paperweight" craft for VBS Rainforest posted May 24, 2010.