Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainforest Animal Fun for Preschoolers

Help your preschoolers develop their imagination and motor coordination by imitating God's creatures during your Rainforest (or Wildwood Forest) VBS this summer:
  • Gorilla or Chimpanzee: Scratch your sides as you bend your knees, jump or walk, and make appropriate noises.
  • Flamingo: Stand straight and lift one foot, raising the foot as high as you can. Spread your arms as wings, and then tuck them in close to your body.
  • Wildcat: Arch your back, reaching down to the floor with your hands. Then scratch the air with your claws and leap around the room. 
  • Elephant: Hold your hands together, bend at the waist, and extend your arms down to the floor, swinging your arms back and forth as your trunk. Take large steps.
  • Bird: Flap your arms as wings while running around the room.
  • Alligator: Hold your palms together, arms stretched out in front of you, and move your arms apart then together, pretending they're an alligator's mouth.
  • Snake: Wiggle on the ground on your tummy then curl up, next uncurl and stretch out, finally slither along the ground.
  • Bear: Start on all fours, growl, then straighten up on two feet, pretend your hands are paws, and claw the air as you growl once more.
  • Frog: Squat down with your hands touching the ground. Leap up quickly, then return to a squat as you hop around the room. Catch a fly for lunch by quickly sticking out your tongue then pulling it back in.
  • Butterfly: Begin as a caterpillar crawling on the ground. Wrap yourself into a chrysalis by turning around and around. Now begin to flap your wings to break out of your cocoon. Flap a bit faster as you break out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly and fly (run or tiptoe) around the room.

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