Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Egypt VBS Craft: Joseph's Wristbands

Bring the feel of ancient Egypt to your VBS with this fun, decorated wristband craft.

Give each child two white paper cups. Cut off the bottom of each cup. Larger cups can be cut in half. Save the bottom for future craft projects. Cover the work area with newspapers. Provide paper towels and wet wipes for clean up.

If the child's hand will fit through the cup, slide it onto the child's wrist. If his hand is too big to fit through the cup, cut the cup in half so it will wrap onto his wrist like a bracelet. Help him trim it to the size he desires. Do this for both cups. Encourage older children to help younger ones.

Let the child paint the wristbands or decorate them with markers. He can glue or stick plastic gems and stones around the wristbands. (Point out the picture of Joseph on the cover of the "Joseph in Egypt Coloring Pages" posted on March 25 for wristband ideas.) Encourage creativity.

Another option is to have the child print the day’s memory verse or Bible point on one of the wristbands. Have the words preprinted onto stickers or mailing labels for younger children, and let them add the stickers to the wristbands.

The Bible point for the first day of  Joseph's Journey is "God gives us hope." As the children work, talk about how God gave Joseph hope during the tough times in his life. Explain that God gives us hope when we go through hard times, too.

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