Monday, February 14, 2011

Gold Rush VBS Decorating Ideas

Grab your bandanas and dust off your boots. Use your favorite western props to make your Gold Rush VBS come alive for your students this summer. Use large barrels and wagon wheels along with some wooden benches along the walls of your classrooms or outside your campus areas. 

Paint some small stones gold. Place them near a blue paper or fabric stream lined with ferns or other small plants and wooden logs. Also use rocks to line the river bed. Near the river areas, post some Tree Borders on the wall. Set some pie tins nearby so children can "pan for gold."

Set up some small tents and hang ropes, cowboy hats, and aluminum pie tins on the walls. If you have some saddle bags, place them near the tents. You could also place an old saddle on a bench to give the feel of the old west.

Line the walls of your hallways with Fence Borders. Overlap or layer the fence pieces for a 3-D effect. Hang a small flannel shirt just above one of the fence posts so it appears to hang from the fence. Place some large rocks or stones nearby.  (Spray paint crumpled newspapers to look like rocks.) A toy snake could peer out from behind a large rock.

Set up a corner of one of your rooms to look like a campsite. Place some tin cups nearby. Be sure to include lots of nature items so your students can see who Jesus is—our Creator and Redeemer. 

Gather your gear and join us for unforgettable discoveries!

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