Monday, May 10, 2010

VBS Craft: Fishing for Memory Verses

This fishing craft can be the “catch of the day” for whichever memory verse your students are learning.
Before your lesson, collect a small magnet and a dowel rod or unsharpened pencil for each child. Also bring 12 metal paper clips for each child.

Give each child a dowel rod or unsharpened pencil, a small magnet, and 12 metal paper clips. Also provide tape, construction paper, and scissors. Let each child cut 12 fish shapes and a hook shape from construction paper. Have the child set aside the hook shape. Let him print a word or two from the memory verse on one side of each fish, leaving the other side blank. Have him print the Scripture reference on the same fish as the last word of the verse (or on its own fish). Then tape a paper clip near the mouth or head of each fish. Encourage older children to help younger ones. Glue the small magnet to the hook shape. Tie one end of a long length of yarn to one end of the dowel rod, and tape it in place. Tape the hook shape to the other end of the yarn. Explain that the fish should be spread out blank side up on the floor. The object is to fish for the words from the memory verse using the fishing pole and place the fish in verse order on the floor before your partner does. (At home children may time each player and the fastest one wins.) Let the children play the fishing game in pairs (each using his own fish and rod), if time allows.

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