Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pandamania Craft: Butterfly Puppet

The Bible story for Day 4 of PandaMania VBS is from Luke  23:1–24:12, where Jesus dies and comes back to life. Have your students make this fun butterfly craft to help them remember the day's memory verse, Psalm 129:34—"Lead me along the path of everlasting life."

Before your VBS week, send a note home asking church members to bring old, clean socks so you have one for each child. Also cut a 5-inch “square” pair of wings (connected) from felt for each child. Give each child a sock, a chenille wire, a felt pair of wings, two wiggle eyes, glue, felt scraps, scissors, and a marker. Make a sample puppet to show the children. Encourage older children to help younger ones with this craft.

Show the child how to put his fist in the sock and draw a smiling mouth on it. Let him glue wiggle eyes above the mouth. While the eyes dry, let him glue felt shapes onto the wings to give them color. Help him glue the wings a couple of inches below the sock toe. Help him push the chenille wire through the sock just above the wings and back out again. Let him twist each end of the wire to make antennae. 

When the wings are dry, show the child how to turn the sock inside out slightly so the wings and antennae no longer show but so the eyes still show. The sock will look like a fat caterpillar. Let the child tell the story of how Jesus changes us and gives us new life just as the caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly. Have him turn the sock right-side-out so the wings show, put his hand in the sock, and let the butterfly fly.

This would be a good time to explain the salvation story. Talk individually with any child who wants to learn more.

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