Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SonSurf Beach Bash VBS Sand Candle Craft

Before your VBS begins, cut the bottom two inches off an empty water bottle for each child. Cover the cut edge with electrical tape to prevent scratching. Do not use masking or painter's tape, since they are flammable. Save the top portion of the bottle for a future craft. (Cover the cut edge of the top with tape, too.)

Cover the work area with newspaper. Give each child a water bottle bottom with the cut edge taped. Let each child use a permanent marker to print his name on the outside. Then help him fill the bottle with colored sand or salt (or rice) to the halfway point. If you have time, bring 2/3 cup of sand (or salt or rice) in a sealable plastic bag for each child, let him add several drops of food coloring, and knead it until it is all colored. Children may alternate colors of sand, if they wish. Talk about Psalm 139:17-18 as the children work. 

Say, "God’s thoughts of love toward us are more numerous than these grains of sand. We are so precious to Him! He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us -- He loves us so much!" Give each child a tea light candle (optional). Say, "Only light your candle with your parent’s permission. Never leave a burning candle by itself. When you see your candle, remember that Jesus died and came alive again just for you, and you are very precious to Him."

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