Monday, March 7, 2011

Nazareth VBS Decorating Ideas

Give your Nazareth VBS rooms the look and feel of Nazareth in Bible times. Ask for the loan of large potted plants from your church members. Paint packing boxes to look like stones. Stack boxes and paint them to look like Bible-time homes.

Decorate large poster paper to look like a stone wall for backgrounds. Hang some sheets to use as dividers in your larger rooms. Scatter a few throw pillows and rugs on the floor.

Collect baskets and plastic fruit and vegetables. Hang some baskets from the walls or display them on shelves. Low tables make great work areas (or lay an old door on top a few two-by-fours). Toy animals add a fun touch, too. If you have outdoor areas, bring in clean sand or sandboxes and potted trees and ferns. Also bring large clay or plastic pots.

Do not bring in any poisonous plants or anything that has sharp edges or splinters. Also avoid small objects that can become choking hazards for small children. Any item that can fit into an empty paper towel tube is too small for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Collect colorful blankets to decorate your floors and walls. Place wicker baskets of various sizes and shapes around your VBS rooms. Staple or tape the Giant Decorating Posters to your walls to give your hallways and rooms the feel of Bible times.

Cover one wall with green poster paper so it looks like grass. Fringe strips of green paper for a 3-D effect along the top. Then staple it to the bottom of your wall or bulletin board so the fringe sticks out slightly (roll it over a pencil). Or use a scalloped grass border. Children can add their God Sightings Sheep to the grass wall each day during your VBS program. Preschool children can draw their God sightings on the sheep or have an older child or adult helper write the sightings for them.

Create a photo area with some large potted plants, clay pots, and toy sheep. Old sheets make wonderful backdrops and room dividers. Have the child stand next to a Bible times home or hillside (or stone wall). Take a picture of the child wearing his tribe belt along with a prayer shawl and holding a scroll. Send the picture to the child the week after your VBS with an invitation to your next children's ministry or family event (Bible club, fall festival, or Sunday school kick-off). Include a note reminding the child (and his parents) about the fun time they had at your Nazareth VBS.

Need more decorating ideas? Take a look at the Nazareth Clip Art and Resources CD Set for signs, posters, publicity pieces, and costume patterns. Also watch the creative decorating options on the Decorating Places DVD. Now you're ready to travel back to  Bible times for the VBS journey of a lifetime!

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