Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PandaMania VBS Craft: Jonah Puppet

The Bible Point for Day 3 of PandaMania VBS is "God watches over you." The Bible story is about Jonah trying to run from God. Download this Jonah craft for just $1.99 and make as many copies as you need for your students.

Before your VBS, print stickers with the memory verse in the Bible version you use for Psalm 139:12 — "Even in darkness I cannot hide from you." Print one sticker for each child. Also print the craft pages below for each child. Cut a slit in the boat on each first page. Have fabric scraps and craft sticks available.

During the lesson, have a child read the memory verse aloud from the Bible. Say it together a few times.

Then tell the story of Jonah and the big fish. After you tell the story, hand out scissors, crayons, glue or tape, and a craft stick to each child. Let each child cut out the Jonah puppet and add a craft stick handle to it. The child can glue a fabric scrap on the sail and print his name on the puppet and the boat. Older children can print the memory verse on the back of the boat.

Show the child how to slide the puppet into the slit to show Jonah on the boat. As you retell the story, have him jump Jonah out of the boat and into the waves. Explain that God took care of Jonah and provided a big fish to carry him to land. Say, "Just as God took care of Jonah and watched over him, God cares for us and watches over us." Say the memory verse together once more. Explain that God is with us wherever we go. Encourage the children to take home their crafts and tell the story of Jonah to their family members and friends.

You may also want to download the PandaMania Coloring Pages—a set of five coloring pages with the Bible Point and daily memory verse for just $4.99. Available in NIV or NLT memory verses. Just copy as many as you need each day.

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