Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hometown Nazareth VBS Craft: Riding to Nazareth

The Bible Point for Day 3 of Group's Hometown Nazareth VBS is "Jesus had a home...we do, too." The Bible story is about Joseph and Mary escaping to Egypt with little Jesus.

Before your VBS, collect a small, empty gelatin box for each child. Print stickers with the Bible point, "Jesus had a home...we do, too." Print one sticker for each child. Also print the craft page below for each child. Cut a 10-inch length of yarn for each child. Cut out the pattern beforehand and prefold it if you have younger children in your group.

During the lesson, give one child a sticker with the Bible point. Have the child read the Bible point aloud. Talk about how God gives us each a home. (Be sensitive to children who may come from a difficult home situation.)

Then tell the story of Jesus' family escaping to Egypt from Matthew 2:13-14 and 19-23. Point out that God was with the family wherever they went and God is with us, too. After you tell the story, hand out scissors, crayons, glue, tape, a 10-inch length of yarn, and an empty gelatin box to each child. Let each child cut out the pattern and print his name on it. Help the child fold the pattern on the broken lines. Then help him glue the folded pattern around the gelatin box and tape each end of the yarn around the donkey's neck to Mary's hands.

Show the child how to pull the yarn gently to make Mary and Joseph move. As you retell the story, have him pretend to pull the family to Egypt then to Nazareth. Say, "Just as God took care of Jesus' family and gave them a home, God cares for us and gives each of us a home, too. God is with us wherever we go." Encourage the children to take home their crafts and tell the Bible story to their family members and friends.

Click the image above to download the craft

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